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I’ve recently retired from teaching and enjoy helping young teachers as they embark on their grand journey in the general music classroom.   There may be some ideas here for experienced teacher as well. 

I share many of my tips and ideas on Face Book.  Also  Look for the Elementary Music Teachers and Music Teachers groups I share there as well.  Ask to join up and share your ideas.

Teacher Mentoring:

Teacher Mentoring was my specialty because my mentors were what kept me in the classroom. The mentoring of an experienced teacher gave me tools and resources and I could always call talk things out or try them out before taking them to the classroom.. This blog can be the same resource.  If young teachers don’t get support they will not continue. It’s tough out there in the trenches….. Read all of the various posts here and go to the Music Teachers group there are wonderful posts there as well. Collectively, we are like a giant Brain and it’s wonderful.

The Down time…  It’s hard to believe but I have had a wonderful career and developed some wonderful skills and teaching resources.  I was doing great and on target to finish up my career when…..  The new evaluation model: prove- that -you- are- a- good -teacher and those Student Learning Outcomes came along… I had always done detailed observations and assessments with my students but when I was given the assessment and all of the requirements for giving it the short window to post and continue teaching and posting the normal grading periods… It took the wind out of my sails….   I was a year out from retirement and had to deal with all of these observations and critiques and having to defend my skills as a teacher was quite demoralizing…  I hope that the tide will turn and that there will be less tests and more affirmations of what you do that is good and let’s work on what needs improving instead of fear tactics and taking away from the very teaching time that the evaluations use to measure success, not to mention tying the pay raises to this new evaluation system….

Visit Arietha Lockhart, Music Education Consultant on Facebook for more tips and ideas for your classroom and message me if you would like to be a part of my private mentoring group for music teachers.

Virtual Lessons with Arietha – All – State Mock Auditions

Hello, I’m offering virtual lessons for students preparing for the upcoming All-State Auditions to give you feedback and allow for a few days to help you be sure that you’ve covered your bases and are truly ready to do your best at the auditions. Contact me at I have some availability late Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoon. Upload or record your video to Flipgrid. Include your Name, Grade, and sing your major, minor and chromatic scales. $Fee 30 per lesson.

Join the Hello Topic on Flipgrid to leave your video for critiques I will view before our lesson give you feedback. Guest Passcode is AllStatePrep1162021

Feedback on my Auditions Prep Sessions:

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